Sunday, 10 September 2017


Have you ever played a chasing game and out of nowhere a bunch of boys charge towards you and when you stop to catch your breath everyone stares at you? Well once when I went to St James Park it happened to me.

It was kinda like Dracula, when you think the taggers are gone but then unexpectedly the taggers charge towards you as fast as a cheetah.

Maybe Cops and Robbers will work because you might be  sneakily escaping but then the suddenly Cop comes back. ( Sometimes you might hear a BANG! Because you hit your head on the pole or tree).

Or maybe when you think the tagger is not there when you want to touch home but the tagger hid and then tagged you in Go Home Stay Home 1,2,3.

Argues always lead to something bad but sadly we had one so here it is: I furiously yelled out to him:
 “You're crazy!”
“No I am not!”
“Yes you are!”
I was super tired but I couldn't stop because this wasn't a silly game, this was a serious chase!

After hearing this, do you remember a time where you were in a maple syrup sticky situation like this?‍‍

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Week 9

Week 9
By Sneha and Rose!

This week my inquiry group looked at three things related to projectiles. The first thing we looked at was slingshot rockets! Slingshot rockets are not real rockets, they are just a straw with four triangles attached to the end and a bent paper clip on the other side. You also need to make a part which fires the rocket so for that you just tape a rubber band and a popsicle stick together.

If you want to make a slingshot rocket it's pretty easy. If you want to make one you need a popsicle stick, some coloured cardboard, a rubber band, masking tape, a straw, and a paper clip. You can find out the rest in safari. My observation is if you don't put the coloured flaps on the end of the straw it goes farther than the ones that have the flaps but if you want to do it right look at the instructions above.

We also had a look at projectile launchers. Miss Pageot knew someone and they let us BORROW the projectile launchers. First we went outside to test the projectile launchers. They actually go further if you just let them bounce.

The second thing we looked at was the flipping frogs. If you use a smaller rubber band it jumps higher, that's because there is more pressure so it wants to release quicker. Another thing is that if you use big pieces of card, it will jump higher as well,
because bigger ones use more force so they jump higher.

Overall: (about the angle launchers) I think they they tie with the slingshot rockets for using the most force out of the three because they both launch stuff and make them move more.

Overall: (about the slingshot rockets) it goes MUCH further if you take if the flaps but you can do it right if you want to next time.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Week 8: Onager vs Trebuchet

Week 8: Onager vs Trebuchet
We’ve all studied the trebuchet for a while now, but the onager barged through the door. Who will win? Onager or trebuchet? They both are different types of catapults. The trebuchet we have is larger than the onager.

Here are the differences for the Trebuchet and the Onager: the Trebuchet goes further than the Onager because it's throwing arm is longer but the throwing arm on the Onager is shorter so the ball does not go as far.

The Trebuchet goes slow to fast because it's bigger and the Onager, since it's smaller it goes fast and near the end it slows down. The Trebuchet has this buckle thing which hold the throwing arm, so when you pull the rope it unbuckles and makes this buckley sound. The Onager on the other hand has holes which holds the throwing arm in place so when you pull that rope it clicks and then fires.

When the trebuchet fires it swings back and forth. The onager doesn't do that because the arm of the onager is much smaller than the trebuchet, + the onager has a pillow to stop it so when it fires it just goes swish! Bonk! as it hits the pillow. The trebuchet goes higher than the onager because the  trebuchet goes higher while the onager goes in a straight line. But the onager has more velocity. Who will win this terrible battle?

 To fire further the trebuchet needs weights. Fishing weights. You are supposed to put them in the counterweight and fwoosh! There it goes. The onager is a bit harder to activate than the trebuchet because the onager needs more force.

Here are some similarities: They both fire something because they are catapults and catapults fire stuff. They both have use forces because they make things move and when things move it makes a force in this case it's the force of wind resistance.
Both catapults go very far and they both use just about an equal amount of force.

Both their arms fly up when you pull the rope and they send something flying in the air. These are made to fire stuff.

Romans used these catapults (although they were a lot bigger those days!) to break into their enemy's castles, but instead of tennis balls they used HUGE boulders. That will give you a picture of how big those catapults were in the roman times.
I wish I could see what they really look like, those catapults. I wonder how often the romans used the catapults. Probably all the time when they attack castles. I also wonder if there was loot in the castles or did Julius Caesar just want to conquer everything?

In conclusion, these both are catapults but have lots of different things. They look different, you use them differently but they are both used for hitting things. Both catapults are used by many people. They both are used by many people. They both are very useful. So the fierce battle became a tie because both of them are used very often.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Camp a go!

Ha ha ha! I am on my way to archery with a guy called Ben who is very funny and we are all laughing in a nice way because someone said “ Hey! There’s Ed Sheeran!”  Of course this was not true but he looked exactly like him. He had orange hair and a orange beard. His face looked exactly like Ed Sheeran’s. My brother told me that Ed Sheeran has a twin so I wonder if Ben is Ed Sheeran’s twin? Will the answer be at Quiz Night?

Yay! Oh no. Here's some news. Which one should I tell you first? The good news or bad news? Good? Ok. This the good news, we got second place at Quiz Night. The bad news is that we have to do a Haka off with the other second place getters tomorrow morning at breakfast! This is the time here goes, Yaaay! We won even though only Gabby, Rose and me did most of it because Olivia, Anne and Zoey just stood behind us and laughed! The prize is… a Crunchie bar! I wonder how I remembered the haka even though I hadn't done it in a long time. This was a tiring day, tomorrow I can finally go home.

Finally we can go home, I am really happy because camps over and I can go home and rest because camp was really tiring from all the activities because most of the activities involved running. What will happen in the next camp I go to and will I think about camp afterwards?

In the end camp was a mixture of funniness, excitement and happiness and I like that because I like it when different things happen.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Week 4 trebuchet

Week 4: Trebuchet
Tennis balls go way further than a heavy but soft hockey ball. I found this out when my class and I got to have a go with the teacher’s trebuchet. A trebuchet is kind of like a catapult mixed with a weighing machine. The counter weight on a trebuchet is the part which holds the weights. Weights are heavy pieces of metal shaped like a fish without a tail and it was as heavy as a bowling ball. The sling is the part which holds the balls for the * throwing arm to throw it across the field. *The throwing arm is the part which throws the sling along with the ball across the field. The pivot is the part which makes the throwing arm and the frame stay in place. The frame is the part which keeps the whole trebuchet in place. What I noticed while seeing the trebuchet in action was that the tennis ball goes further than the heavy but soft hockey ball, with more weights the ball goes further and when the wind was strong we had put lots of weights in the counter weight so the ball went higher and the wind made the ball move and didn't go as far. I wonder why the heavier ball didn't go as far as the tennis ball, I think it's because the heavier ball has more weight than the tennis ball so gravity is pulling down the heavier ball more than the tennis ball. My data  gathering is Multistructural because I can gather data but I am not confident about what my data I gathered means. My inferences are also Multistructural because I can make inferences but I am not confident about the logic of my inferences.
The trebuchet

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Cheeky writing

It’s midnight on Christmas Eve and I am creeping down the corridor about to be caught by my parents just for a dog! If you are wondering how I got in this sticky situation, it all started when I heard a loud noise coming from the living room and it sounded like rustling from our christmas tree. Could it be Santa Claus? Wait just a crazy minute! I think I just heard some barking. Is Lily ( our dog ) there with Santa? Well there's only one way to find out. Here goes.CLIck! Ah h?... What just happened? That's not Santa! That's Lily! What's she doing here? Creak!  No no no no no no no no no no no! That can't be my parents! If they find out that I woke up just for Santa ( p.s who I don't believe in now ) then they will be really mad! What to do, what to do? HIDE! I grab Lily and hid behind the door to see my mum and dad walking down the corridor with presents! I was right! Santa didn't exist! I am so relieved that my parents didn't find out. I should really get back to bed, see ya tomorrow. It's breakfast and mum says that just for once I can open my presents before breakfast! I am really happy! This is what I got: a Fidget Spinner, some putty, art supplies and a book and kit on how to write a amazing story (you even get to publish it yourself with your parents.) Then my dad said “Do you like the presents Santa gave you? ” I said “ I didn't know it was Santa! ” wink.
The end.
My self reflection
I use lots of my bright sparks words but as soon as I write it down I think “Are these the right words to have used?” This means that my brightsparks words are Multistructural. On the other hand my punctuation was Relational because I use many types of punctuation correctly in my writing and I know when and why to use them. My next steps are to teach people who are confused about their punctuation. My next step for using bright sparks words is to use many bright sparks words but connect them.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Science Journal Week 1

Week 1
Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
After today’s slime experiment on Mr Anderson, I put myself as Multistructural for gathering data because I observed the experiment but some of the data I gathered was wrong. For interpreting data I also put myself as Multistructural because I made Inferences but I was not confident about the logic of my inferences.