Monday, 27 March 2017

Responsible citizen

Responsible citizens

Are you a responsible citizen? A responsible citizen has many important
qualities that make a positive contribution to our community. One of these
qualities is following rules and laws. A responsible citizen always follows the
rules and laws to make the world a safe peaceful environment.
For example they go when the green light is on, they stop when the red light is on and they don't yell in places that they are not supposed to. I heard that  there was a boy who went on the playground when there was a red flag, and he had badly hurt himself! If you don’t follow rules and laws you might drive people crazy‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ for example if you yell in the library people will have a hard time concentrating but if you do be quiet everyone will be able to concentrate. Someone I know who does this is Rose,  because  she does what she is told to at the right time, she shares,she's playful and happy.

Another quality as important as that,  is being trustworthy. For example being trustworthy is not lying or stealing, you would be borrowing stuff instead, you will also be honest. I know someone who the teacher always trusted, so when he went to the library to work the teacher had trusted him but sadly he yelled there so he had lost his trust, so always be trustworthy. If you lose your trust it is hard to earn it back so always be trustworthy. Someone I know who does  this is Shiva because I trust him for using my ukulele and my toys.

It is important to be a responsible citizen because it will help the community because it makes the world a safe, peaceful environment. This will make the world a better place.

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