Sunday, 9 April 2017

Discovery Reflection

Discovery reflection

Today in discovery Rose, Ryan and I made a iMovie called The Discovery.  I was learning to be resilient and luckily I was because I accepted critical feedback, forgave people and moved on and saw benefits from problems and challenges.

I have to admit that mostly everything was positive, we all agreed to something and believed that the scene that we were doing was going to be the best and it was. But one thing that was negative is that in one scene we couldn't agree on what to do so we did both options. But I am still sad that it happened. Being resilient worked out though and I was mostly being everything that being resilient is.

My next steps are to be more resilient and try not to argue so much and work together and be a team. We should also try to be more confident and strong to what we do because then we will finish quicker so we can share our work.

It is important to be me because I like the way I do stuff and act and I really like my friends.

My reflection is relational because everything I did is well explained and they are all connected.

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  1. I like your discovery reflection Sneha. Your one has lots of big words in it that I don't understand. I think your discovery reflection is amazing. It's a little bit like Naima's writing. It makes me wish you were a writer too. Other people would be confused with other writers writing. You explain it perfectly and beautifully.