Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Responsible citizen reflection

Responsible citizen reflection

This term we are learning about being a responsible citizen. At the start of the term I put myself as Multistructural because I included people, I returned the things that I borrowed and I cared for nature.

A little later I changed it to Relational because I knew when to do all the things that a multistructural person would do, I followed the rules and laws and I was trustworthy.

Now I am Extended abstract because I put my hand up for things, I follow the rules on our treaty, I am a helpful bystander and I share my drawing skills with other kids.

Overall drawing lessons help kids be responsible citizens because drawings  make other people happy and work better at writing and they will feel more confident because they would already have practiced the way to use a pencil properly, mostly because of the drawing lessons.
I feel that my learning has changed from time to time and I have learned something new every minute.

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