Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Science Journal Week 3

Week 3: Drag
If you put paper on a balloon for a balloon experiment, you will have a lot of observations these were mine. T1: The distance was 90cm and it loop de looped, made a phhht sound and at the end it went all puffy. T2: At a certain point it slowed down but went all the way. There was some vibration of the mouth for this one and the sound was the funniest, it had a burbling sound and got wrinkly in the middle. T3: Alert Alert, Did not move because of too much weight Pwwwwt pwwwwwwt was the sound it made and same for T4: T4 moves slowly, really slow and I guess that's why it only went 1 quarter. T5: This one gave me lots of observations to write down like the placement of the paper is very important, if you put the paper in different places then you will get different observations because if you put the paper on an angle it will drag more.

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