Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Week 4 trebuchet

Week 4: Trebuchet
Tennis balls go way further than a heavy but soft hockey ball. I found this out when my class and I got to have a go with the teacher’s trebuchet. A trebuchet is kind of like a catapult mixed with a weighing machine. The counter weight on a trebuchet is the part which holds the weights. Weights are heavy pieces of metal shaped like a fish without a tail and it was as heavy as a bowling ball. The sling is the part which holds the balls for the * throwing arm to throw it across the field. *The throwing arm is the part which throws the sling along with the ball across the field. The pivot is the part which makes the throwing arm and the frame stay in place. The frame is the part which keeps the whole trebuchet in place. What I noticed while seeing the trebuchet in action was that the tennis ball goes further than the heavy but soft hockey ball, with more weights the ball goes further and when the wind was strong we had put lots of weights in the counter weight so the ball went higher and the wind made the ball move and didn't go as far. I wonder why the heavier ball didn't go as far as the tennis ball, I think it's because the heavier ball has more weight than the tennis ball so gravity is pulling down the heavier ball more than the tennis ball. My data  gathering is Multistructural because I can gather data but I am not confident about what my data I gathered means. My inferences are also Multistructural because I can make inferences but I am not confident about the logic of my inferences.
The trebuchet

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