Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Camp a go!

Ha ha ha! I am on my way to archery with a guy called Ben who is very funny and we are all laughing in a nice way because someone said “ Hey! There’s Ed Sheeran!”  Of course this was not true but he looked exactly like him. He had orange hair and a orange beard. His face looked exactly like Ed Sheeran’s. My brother told me that Ed Sheeran has a twin so I wonder if Ben is Ed Sheeran’s twin? Will the answer be at Quiz Night?

Yay! Oh no. Here's some news. Which one should I tell you first? The good news or bad news? Good? Ok. This the good news, we got second place at Quiz Night. The bad news is that we have to do a Haka off with the other second place getters tomorrow morning at breakfast! This is the time here goes, Yaaay! We won even though only Gabby, Rose and me did most of it because Olivia, Anne and Zoey just stood behind us and laughed! The prize is… a Crunchie bar! I wonder how I remembered the haka even though I hadn't done it in a long time. This was a tiring day, tomorrow I can finally go home.

Finally we can go home, I am really happy because camps over and I can go home and rest because camp was really tiring from all the activities because most of the activities involved running. What will happen in the next camp I go to and will I think about camp afterwards?

In the end camp was a mixture of funniness, excitement and happiness and I like that because I like it when different things happen.


  1. Really cool Sneha! I like how you described Ben (a.k.a Ed sheeran) I also liked how you said "I wonder if Ben is ed sheeran twin" I was wondering that too when you put it like that. P.s it's Zoe not zoey.
    P.p.s and I don't think you were doing the haka but you were right Zoe, Anne, and Olivia were NOT helpful. They were just standing there looking as if they were about to puke.