Sunday, 10 September 2017


Have you ever played a chasing game and out of nowhere a bunch of boys charge towards you and when you stop to catch your breath everyone stares at you? Well once when I went to St James Park it happened to me.

It was kinda like Dracula, when you think the taggers are gone but then unexpectedly the taggers charge towards you as fast as a cheetah.

Maybe Cops and Robbers will work because you might be  sneakily escaping but then the suddenly Cop comes back. ( Sometimes you might hear a BANG! Because you hit your head on the pole or tree).

Or maybe when you think the tagger is not there when you want to touch home but the tagger hid and then tagged you in Go Home Stay Home 1,2,3.

Argues always lead to something bad but sadly we had one so here it is: I furiously yelled out to him:
 “You're crazy!”
“No I am not!”
“Yes you are!”
I was super tired but I couldn't stop because this wasn't a silly game, this was a serious chase!

After hearing this, do you remember a time where you were in a maple syrup sticky situation like this?‍‍

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